Look Local First: Keep Labour Market Testing

What do the Australian Mining and Minerals Association, the Business Council of Australia, the Master Builders Association and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have in common?

They all think that their members, including large multinational companies, shouldn't have to advertise local jobs to Australian workers. They claim that they can’t find "skilled" workers locally. But how do they know if they don't even bother looking? And whatever happened to training workers and putting on apprentices?

We ran a campaign which got the previous Federal Government to pass legislation that made it obligatory for employers to advertise jobs and prove no qualified Australian workers were available, before 457 visa workers can be approved.

But the big end of town is now calling on the new Coalition Government to repeal this legislation, despite the fact that unemployment is rising. There are 260,000 young people currently looking for work and our unemployment rate is at record levels.

Despite this, the Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton has signalled he will consider removing this legal requirement, siding with big business instead of the hundreds of thousands of Australians looking for work.

Join with us and tell Peter Dutton employers should have to advertise jobs to Australian workers first and get 457 visa workers only if they prove they can’t find a suitable Australian candidate.

GOAL: 3,000 signatures

Will you sign?

To: Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration

With unemployment rising, youth unemployment at its highest level in a decade, and thousands more young Australians about to join the job market, I urge you to keep the legislation which provides safeguards for the 457 visa scheme.

I ask you to publicly declare that your government will not back away from requiring employers to genuinely look for Australian workers first before approving 457 visa workers. The Australian Government’s first responsibility is to ensure that all Australians are given the opportunity to be a part of a skilled workforce. I ask you to treat that responsibility seriously.

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