Save our Senate

In the Western Australian Senate By-election, every vote could stand in Tony Abbott’s way and stop him controlling both houses of Parliament and pushing through his extreme agenda. Abbott and the Coalition are set to lose a seat, but we need your help to make sure it happens.

History paints an alarming picture of what can happen when the Senate is not able to fulfill its democratic role as a house of review. The last time one party controlled both houses of Parliament John Howard was able to bring in WorkChoices.

Unemployment is increasing across the board, and youth unemployment is at a record high. In some parts of Western Australia youth unemployment has increased by a massive 70% and in other parts of the state it has reached a scary 18%.


WA Youth Unemployment


Yet with it becoming harder for school leavers and other young people to find work, Tony Abbott is only making it more difficult. By increasing the number of 457 and working holiday visas in Australia he's just making it harder to get a job. Instead of increasing training and apprenticeships, Mr. Abbott is cosying up to big business by giving them access to overseas labour who don't know their rights at work.

When you vote this Saturday, make sure you vote for jobs. Make sure you vote to Save our Senate.


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Why Mr. Abbott?
Why Mr. Abbott do you look overseas for workers without looking local first?